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Rogues & Wenches CD "Spirits"

Now that all the parties are done and I have a moment to breathe...... I am pimping this bad boy on LJ! Be prepared to see this A LOT. :-D

*** Be sure to indicate on the order form whether you want an AUTOGRAPHED copy or not! ***

GO HERE to listen to song samples or download the album!

[Edit1: Locals can also pick up the album at Celtic Treasures or Metro Music if they wish!]

[Edit2: Because I was asked via email, I usually sing the high harmony parts (such as the second voice to come in on Wild Mountain Thyme) and I am also doing the harmony on the duet Raglan Road. Oh, and I'm "Biddy O'Brien" on Finnegan's Wake singing, "Such a nice clean corpse, did ye ever see? Tim Mavourneen why'd ye die!" My husband is the deep dark rich bass part on everything - plus you can hear him on his verse in "Itches" which talks about the master whacking him. :-D AND you can hear both of us singing the last verse of "Workman and the Maid"]

[Edit3: PLEASE please PLEASE please PIMP THIS OUT IN YOUR LJ's!!!]

our fearless cap'n

This year is harder than last year in many ways because we've almost gotten used to him being gone and whammmo! We do the Toad raising and he's not there to growl at people or holler about things not getting done right.

Rodney and Ben wrote a song about him called, "Red Ribbons in his Beard" which tells the story of Captain Redlegs and his journey to become the chief of the kingdom of Penland.

The last chorus goes like this:

Our fearless captain sailed the seven seas; when he wasn't ticklin' Fricasee
To his crew he was beloved, his memory we'll covet
Wearin' ribbons in his plaited beard. He wore red ribbons in his beard.

I can't get through that song YET without choking up. Carol (Fricasee Frolic), his widow, has only heard the first verse & chorus. There will not be a dry eye in the place when we perform the whole thing for her for the first time.

Aiyeeee... I'm getting all teary-eyed just thinking about it!

P.S. I have this picture on my desktop at work. It makes me both sad & happy. Sad because I miss him but happy because Paul symbolizes what faire means to me.... pirates and frivolity and gaiety and song (oh my!)

Voice Post

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“Well hello LiveJournal. I thought I'd make this voice post, & test out the new Misty automatic voice transcription deally bobber. just wanted to se how accurate it is, & play with the new toy & Yea they have a toll free No. for Alaska too. Were part of the United States, did anyone know that. Well we are, so I should probably stop talking. Yeah people say that a lot, & yeah.”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post - spoken through SpinVox
Today we celebrate the birth of an all around great guy (and one of my good friends)... crisavec.

Happy Birthday Dave!!!

[Edit: I am sorry to report that the stripper I hired for you came down with sudden onset hairyarmpit-itis, the clown is on antidepressants, and the dancing polar bears broke loose from their enclosure and are currently running amok. I hope it's a nice birthday anyways!]

is this what going crazy feels like?

You know that sound you make when you waggle your fingers up and down over your lips to indicate you've lost it? *buuubeeblllbuhbuhbeebuh*

That is how I feel right now.

I just spent lunch hour with mccleark by alternately being contrary at him or laughing hysterically. And I mean hysterically. Just a reaction to how trepidatious I am about this whole troll gig and getting my costume done and getting my house in order for northrngirl to live in for 10 days and...


Seriously, I was trying to tell Kevin how my mother is now worried that I might be a devil worshipper (when I mistakenly used the Korean word for "demon" instead of "monster" in trying to describe what a troll was to her and why I was traipsing off to strange places to dress up like one). But every time I said "devil worshipper" I would dissolve into a fit of giggles that bubbled up from deep within me and were impossible to stop. Hysterical laughter.

He was trying to be all Concerned Boyfriend at me but with me berating him for being patronizing then going off into a gigglefit then holding his hand assuring him I'd be fine THEN going off into another gigglefit every time I said, "devil worshipper"... I think even he recognized that my grip on sanity is slipping.

I'm not worried about getting everything done (well, I am but not really). I am not worried about the actual travelling. What I am worried about is.......... how does one get into the head of, and become a tree troll?? How do I entertain people by being a troll?

mccleark tried to assure me that being a troll was no different than being a wench... just with a different costume. However, when I'm a wench I'm ME.... but kicked up a few notches and outrageous. As a troll I'm....... ??? Utterly lost.

Help me, oh creative LiveJournal Collective... (or at least you gamers who have done this time and time and time again... ) !! Create for me the character of a tree troll who is visiting the city and what she might do there or how she behaves. What does she say to people to engage them in conversation?


My name is Helge Ingstad, named for the Norwegian explorer who spent time with the Alaska natives in 1949. I currently live ___________________ and spend my days ______________.

I like ______________ and sometimes when nobody is looking, I ___________________________ .

I am (shy/boisterous/reclusive/gregarious/bouncy/dim-witted/clever/curious)??

When I approach you, I want to know ___________________ and I ask you about _______________. My running joke is ______________________________.


Tell me.... who is Helge Ingstad?

texting virgin

Believe it or not, I was a texting virgin until yesterday.

I decided to finally jump into texting by sending the same message to a select few people, "I am no longer a texting virgin."

But I about gave crisavec a heart attack since our eldest goddaughter (age 12 going on OMGteenager!) is the only one who texts him out of the blue AND he misread my message as "I am no longer a virgin."

After he recovered from his apoplexy, he sent me a rather hysterically relieved ROFL message back.

Tonight's text conversation, based on the fact that it took him 2 tries to get to Kodiak (a tiny island known for it's brown bear population) and that the TSA confiscated his contact solution the second time around but not the first:

Him: Made it safe to Kodiak... finally.
Me: Yes, but what about your contact lens solution of DOOM?!
Him: Oh hush. I'm sure they sell it here SOMEWHERE
Me: Nah. What do the bears need lens solution for?
Me: They've all had lasik.
I'm eating almond M&M's right now. There is a slight "wrongness" to this combo... chocolate=yum and almond=yum and chocolate-covered almonds=yum. But somehow the candy-coated chocolate M&M with almond inside is... weird. I'll stick with peanut or plain M&M's thankyouverymuch.

In other news, my emailbox is empty. This must be rectified.

I would do a poll but for the fact that results are not emailed to me. I want email! I'm jonesin' for email. The kind I don't really have to think about but will make me smile when it pops into my box (oooh, there is a new out-of-context quote for cnewman1...)

So I will take a cue from rollick and do a Friday Fill-in the Blank.

I was never more embarassed than when ___________________ .
Here is an example of when credit card fraud hits close to home.

My co-worker Renee had her VISA debit card stolen on Monday. She was trying to remember how/when it happened because she had just used it that day to pay for snacks at a Tesoro gas station.

As she retraced her steps verbally to me, Renee mentioned that the clerk had fumbled the receipt & card as she was handing them back and dropped everything on the floor. Renee guessed that the card was still on the floor and someone picked it up.

She called her bank as soon as she discovered the missing card, but the thief had already charged over $300 at Black Elk Leather (a local native arts/crafts/leatherworks store) and also at a KFC (thievery is hungry business!) and Wal*Mart (a hungry and frugal thief).

So the next day, Renee went to Black Elk to speak to the manager and let them know what had happened and that the bank would be contacting them. The manager was apologetic and said that she would be training her employees to check ID from now on.

Fast forward to today. The manager of Black Elk calls Renee to let her know that the perp came back and tried to use cash this time but because Renee had talked with the manager, the cashier at Black Elk remembered the thief and called the cops!

Turns out that it was the Tesoro clerk. She must have been doing this scam for quite awhile because Renee said the girl was really smooth about dropping the card & receipt and handing "everything" back.

The moral of our story is that you should always check to make sure your card is back in your possession after you use it.

Oh, and don't trust crafty, hungry, frugal people who like leather.


bluegrass Van Halen?!???!??

Like mischief_wa, I may never recover from this shock.

David Lee Roth does Jump.... Bluegrass style

I shit you not, this has seriously made my brain hurt from the Oh. My. Godpleasenono no NOOOO!

reader participation!

For today's reader participation, we bring you the two-word story game (inspired by ghost_light and mccleark).

The gist is that we all tell a story but you can only post two words at a time. And to make things even more interesting, I've added a twist. Your two words must be an alliteration but do not need to match the alliteration of any before or after you.

I will start:

All aardvarks